"Amazing, I had no idea you could do this!" Carl O

"On my 5th visit, your Girls are incredible" Ventura78

"I am on the road and love to visit from my Hotel Room on my Laptop" Rolland R

"Ok, that's it, I am addicted now!" Travis

"Better than the Real Thing" Victor Q

"OMG this is beautiful" Petra L

"Your girl was super, the room was fantistic, totally worth it" Stroker1985

"The Pain Prison Dungeon was a Blast! Scared the shit out of me!" MikeyMike

"I found you on Facebook, the BDSM is so real" Footlickerboy

"I had not been to SL in years. It took a while to get used to the new viewer but well worth it. Rockhard S

"I was amazed to see so many female customers" PussyCatDoll69

"I saw your profile on FetLife. You are right Virtual BDSM is fantasic, so real, way better than I imagined" Loft75

" I have not cum this hard in sex in a long time...amazing...I will be back very soon" Jaminjack

"I have tried all those stupid sex games with no real people, this was great to actually interact with a real girl" HopperChopper64

"Thank sugar...nice place *smiles*" Soph

"I found you on Twitter, very well done!" BradleyDriver

"Love the Music, Love the Dancers, this totally rocks" Harderbaby

"The lapdance was smokin - thanks so much - b back soon BB" slither88

"You and your Girls are the BEST Madame Aprille" Perry

"The best thing ever - I can take you with me on the road" Kenworth2008

"Who needs real life hookers? Not me, not now - I found Toy Brothel" rockinbilly58

"Aprille Shepherd: Kisses love Welcome back !!!" > "Glad to be back ;)" Caden

"I want to fill all your holes, let go baby!" Dirk Dirty

"You are such a dirty naughty bad Girl" favorflavor

"I love the Tunes here !!" Smartypants

"Do you treat all your guests this way? I'll be back" Superdave222

"Stnning as usual Madame Aprille!" Trecivil

"Free Sex Training, Free Cock -- very cool" dannyboyz

"Sugar and Spice - totally nice" marlinboat69

"I can't believe I am sitting in virtual brothel" Sinisterlad

"Drop it to the floor baby - which way to the room?" largesizeXL

"I saw your hot videos and knew I had to came and have a look for myself" Partlythere1962

"Zero to 60 in 3.5 - shut up and drive" Karl

"I see you crack the whip Madame Aprille, the girls are excellent" Largemont



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